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We trade fuels and fuel oils for all companies consolidated in the Alamco holding Investment LLC holding structure and all affiliates.

At the heart of any commercial organisation is the need to know exactly what, why, where, when and how it is exposed to the market, and the impact these elements have on the profitability of the company.

The trading desk in LENZ is a front office of high qualified team providing market and risk analysis on European market on a real time basis. Our primary responsibilities revolve around monitoring all elements of the risk and exposure related to our commercial activity and report it directly to the board on a daily basis. Being seated in the middle of a trade floor in our headquarters in Korneuburg/Business Park Vienna Nord, we serve in a support role for traders spanning across virtually every market.


Commercially, we add value by providing traders with risk assessments and analysis which highlight their exposure, optionality and PnL. These reports are essential to help them make the right commercial decisions and optimize the opportunities their portfolios generate, all the while providing trading desk employees with an unprecedented front office learning experience in the world of trading.

To fully master the role takes years of training as it requires an in-depth knowledge of every element of physical and derivative trading, as well as being able to interpret the impact of operational, financial and political changes on the underlying position and profit. Whilst all responsibilities and accountabilities of the role remain based upon the core principles of risk management, the factors that drive them change on an hour by hour, day by day basis as the company discovers new and innovative ways to generate a wide and truly diversified portfolio.

The trading desk is linked directly to our regional traders and logistics department.


The most significant factor to which today's consumers and diesel suppliers are exposed is the volatility of diesel prices. However, price volatility can be addressed and the fuel budget can be brought under control, even though the price of diesel is volatile. The solution to this situation is to secure the price of your diesel.

Securing diesel is a contractual instrument used to reduce the risk of volatile and potentially rising fuel prices. This tool gives companies the ability to determine fixed or limited costs through a commodity exchange or option by entering into collateral arrangements.

Hedging your diesel fuel price can:

  • Close the gap between market risks and company profile

  • Lock in a cost structure that suits your financial situation

  • Gain a pro-active strategy for budget protection

  • Our extensive financial and oil market know-how can help you to protect your company margins.

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