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Automotive Gasoil/AGO

Appearance             Clear and White             Visual

Specific Gravity at 15/15 ºC   0.820-0.870       ASTM D 1298 or IP 160

Flash Point at ºC, min                    66 

Kinematic Viscosity at 40ºC (cSt)  2-5.5           ASTM D445 or IP71

 Cloud Point ºC, max                       4.4              ASTM D2500 or IP 219 

Total Sulphur, %, wt. max   0.005 /0.02    ASTM D5453 or D2622 or IP 336 

Cetane Number, %, min                   45               ASTM D613 or IP41 

Cetane Index, %, min                        47               ASTM D976 or IP 380

Special gasoil grade produced just for African markets. Only pre-orders.

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